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Paul Lawrence

Paul studied industrial product design before moving into
architecture where he spent most of his working life, but it is his background of product design that set him on this line of creativity.

Architecture is exciting and rewarding but in general limiting in working within 2 dimensions.

It was the need to work with my hands again to attain a sort of balance that brought about working with wood. I had always enjoyed boats especially those I felt had beautiful lines.

The boats that interest Paul are from an era where “form follows function” in crafting a representation of simple, graceful and uncluttered lines with minimal details. Vessels from the 1880’s to the  1930’s are of particular favour, an era where Naptha, steam and later gasoline were the main methods of propulsion.

The majority of these vessels have unfortunately disappeared particularly the Naptha launches which were highly volatile. Wars also cut short production of particularly recreational designs after which technology and new materials advanced rendering the old craft to languish in old dockyards or worse,…scrapped. Restoration is now a major factor in retaining what originals are left.

The boats in this exhibition are made from recycled Kauri and Mahogany with brass fittings.

Paul moved from Christchurch after the earthquakes of 2010 and now lives in the Hurunui area an hour north of the city.

Works available to buy
through NZ artbroker

Works available to buy
through NZ artbroker

1930s Launch
Kauri, mahogany, brass


1950s Pond Yacht
Kauri, mahogany, brass


Kauri, mahogany, brass


Naval Steam Launch
Kauri, mahogany, brass


Palm Beach
Kauri, mahogany, brass


1930s Pond Yacht
Cedar, kauri, oregon, copper, brass


Kauri, brass


Naptha Steam Launch
Kauri, mahogany, brass