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Saturday 11am
7th November

Bringing you a selection of new works from Anna Dalzell,  Alison Erickson & Gill Hay

Perhaps this year has given new definition to our sense of place in the world. ⁠

November 7th – 21st 2020

These paintings are an exercise into seeing, a practice of observation.
The beauty of Ōnawe, Pigeon Bay and Horomaka / Banks Peninsula.
I look at the landscape over the last few years in various moods and seasons.
Reflecting on the outside world as change rapidly evolves.

The land is seen as a healing place
here a safety net
an immersion in nature.
land to be held by and shelter within.

In the process of this work I try to find ways of avoiding detail and complication. Looking only for main shapes, masses of colour and form. Simplifying all I see and feel down to the bare essentials. The compositions aim to heighten a sense of being immersed in the landscape. This landscape and place in which to heal. To be bathed in green and healed in nature in a troubled world.

Two years ago I started this series of paintings. At that time my plan was to use the land around me to explore painting as a medium. A move away from my familiar process of printmaking. 

For this exhibition Place I’ve made sculpture attempting to capture moments in a place in time, in childhood, moments that define the endless noise and distracting trivia of contemporary life, experiences that are encapsulated by the simple act of hunting for natural treasure and observation of the natural world. Excitement, anticipation and being entirely present in a moment of time.
Place is about the things that surround me. Here I have taken old and familiar objects to create simple works that are evocative of my happiness at home.